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cleaned coins

Cleaned Coins: How To Tell If A Coin Has Been Cleaned & Why It Matters

I talk a lot about cleaned coins versus uncleaned coins here at The Fun Times Guide to Coins.You may be wondering what the big fuss is about cleaning coins and perhaps ask yourself why most collectors don’t want cleaned coins.Or, you may be trying to figure out what a cleaned coin looks like

cheap coin supplies

5 Cheap Coin Supplies You Need & Where To Find Them

Cheap coin supplies are in high demand by collectors who want to take care of their coins but don’t have much… ahem… “coin” to spare (cue the joke punchline drum shot… ba dum sssssst).But, in all seriousness (OK, I’m not really going to get too serious – this is a blog post about a fun hobby

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Rare U.S. Coins


5 Important Things I Learned About Buying Rare Coins

Buying rare coins isn’t monkey business! It takes a lot of money and even more guts to lay out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a single coin, of course, unless you’re rolling in dough and have plenty of pretty pennies to spend on buying a pretty penny. However, having bought a few pretty […]

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Coin Myths, Trivia & Facts


Have You Noticed What’s REALLY On The 50 State Quarters? Some Surprising Findings

The United States Mint’s 50 State quarters program, which ran from 1999 through 2008, was perhaps the most popular commemorative coin series the nation has ever fielded. As I look back at the 50 different reverse designs that grace the U.S. 50 state quarters — which honored each state in the order that they entered the Union […]

penny facts

7 Penny Facts – Things You Probably Don’t Know About The One-Cent Coin

Betcha these penny facts will turn you on your head – um, obverse? Yes, the good old penny. It’s a coin you probably don’t use much these days, though I’ll bet you have a small stash of pennies somewhere in your home tucked away in an old clothes drawer or perhaps in a jar. Pennies have inspired […]

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Fun With Coins


Tips For Finding Coin Hoards Like The Famous Saddle Ridge Gold Coin Hoard

Have you heard about the Saddle Ridge coin hoard? It’s one of the most famous U.S. coin hoards ever, and it was discovered by a Sierra Nevada, California couple on their rural property in February 2013. The 1,427 gold coins — all half eagles, eagles, and double eagles dated from 1847 and 1894 and buried in 8 […]

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Coin Values

Rare Nickels

Got Rare Nickels? The 25 Most Valuable Nickels & How Much They’re Worth

Do you have any rare nickels in your change jar? Every day, people are finding valuable nickels in their pocket change, rolls of coins, and in other places. Of course, you have to be pretty lucky to find ‘em. But you also have to know what you’re looking for! Joshua McMorrow-HernandezMy love for coins and […]


Most Valuable Pennies: A List Of 43 U.S. Pennies Worth Holding Onto!

Wondering which pennies are worth more than face value? Which pennies you should be holding onto, rather than spending? Well here you go — a list of the most valuable pennies, each worth more than $1 apiece. Use this cheat sheet to help you determine which pennies are worth saving and which ones are worth […]

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