cheap coin supplies

5 Cheap Coin Supplies You Need & Where To Find Them

Cheap coin supplies are in high demand by collectors who want to take care of their coins but don’t have much… ahem… “coin” to spare (cue the joke punchline drum shot… ba dum sssssst). But, in all seriousness (OK, I’m not really going to get too serious – this is a blog post about a […]

Coin Collecting 101

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Rare U.S. Coins


5 Important Things I Learned About Buying Rare Coins

Buying rare coins isn’t monkey business! It takes a lot of money and even more guts to lay out hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a single coin, of course, unless you’re rolling in dough and have plenty of pretty pennies to spend on buying a pretty penny. However, having bought a few pretty […]

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Coin Myths, Trivia & Facts

dollar bills secrets

Secrets On Dollar Bills: Fun Secrets To Look For On Your Dollar Bills

Have you ever taken any time to study your money? Pull out a dollar bill from your wallet, purse, or pocket change… Notice all the little symbols on that piece of currency? Some people say there are secrets on the dollar bill – symbols, if you will, that convey secret messages. What are these symbols […]

Why do you collect coins? There are as many reasons as there are coin collectors in this world. Photo by

Why Collect Coins? Reasons For Collecting Coins In The Past & Present

Have you ever asked yourself why you collect coins? I mean, really – what keeps you motivated to stay in the hobby? What do you like about coin collecting? And, when is it that you first realized you were a coin collector? For me, my foray into coin collecting began when I found a 1941 […]

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Fun With Coins


Coin Gift Ideas: 5 Clever Coin Gifts For Any Occasion

Has the time come to shower the ones you love with gifts? If you’re a coin collector, chances are your idea of what makes a great gift might mean giving something flat, shiny, and round. Indeed, there are many coin gift ideas that are perfect for coin collectors and non-numismatists alike. I’ve been giving coin […]

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Coin Values

hoard copper pennies

Should You Hoard Copper Pennies? Reasons To Save Every Copper Penny You Find

You may have heard a lot these days about people who hoard copper pennies and wonder why they are. After all, if you’re like most coin collectors, you probably know that silver coins have historically been the big pocket change prize. However, the times they are a-changing, and the value of copper has skyrocketed over […]

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