Reasons To Use Blue Whitman Folders When Collecting Coins

You’ve probably seen Whitman coin folders and wondered if that’s something you need to protect your coins or not. You know, those blue folders with the picture of the coin on the front and cardboard with lots of little round holes inside.

Unique & Fun Coin Gifts For Coin Collectors

Check out these one-of-a-kind coin-related items would make great Christmas and Birthday gifts for friends or relatives who are coin collectors — even beginners or those who just found coins and they’re now a little interested in coin collecting.

U.S. 2-Cent & 3-Cent Coin Values: See How Much Two-Cent Pieces (1864-1873) And Three-Cent Pieces (1851-1889) Are Worth

Did you know that the U.S. had a 2-cent coin? Yes, from 1864 to 1873 the United States had a coin with a denomination of two cents. There was a 3-cent coin, too — with a denomination of three cents from 1851 to 1889. Interestingly, some 3-cent pieces are silver, while others are made of a nickel composition (those are sometimes called 3-cent nickels). Here are little-known facts about 2-cent and 3-cent coins… and how much they’re worth today.

Little-Known Facts About U.S. Buffalo Nickels And How Much They’re Worth

The buffalo nickel is technically known as ‘the five-cent Indian head’ coin. It’s also referred to as the bison nickel or Indian nickel due to the Indian on the front. Here are more fun facts about buffalo head nickels, and how to determine the value of a buffalo nickel or Indian head nickel.