New Proof Set Features Popular America The Beautiful Quarters

The new 2010 America the Beautiful Quarters proof set is due out May 13 at noon Eastern Time. This 2010 proof set features all 5 of the new quarters to be released as part of the first year of the America the Beautiful quarters program. The America the Beautiful quarters will feature designs showing off the beauty of America's national parks, monuments, and sites. This year's batch of quarters feature: Hot Springs National Park (Arkansas) Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming) … [Read more...]

Buy Your 2009 United States Proof Sets From The U.S. Mint While You Can

Even though it's 2010, don't forget to buy 2009 United States proof sets directly from the U.S. Mint while you still have a chance. If you think the 2009 proof set is same ol' same ol', then check out the bounty of special coins included in last year's collection: The 4 2009 Presidential dollars The 6 2009 District of Columbia & U.S. Territories quarters All 4 Bicentennial Lincoln cents The 2009 Native American dollar coin And the regular nickel, dime, and half dollar … [Read more...]

The Lincoln Log Cabin Penny Is Still Popular With Coin Collectors

The Lincoln Log Cabin penny was put into circulation during the late winter of 2009 and represents the first of 4 special 2009 Lincoln cent designs honoring the 200th anniversary of Lincoln's birth. The Lincoln Log Cabin penny is sought after by coin collectors and is especially treasured in uncirculated grades and proof condition. The U.S. Mint struck the 2009 Lincoln Log Cabin penny (and the other 3 cent designs that year) in 2 different metal compositions: The usual copper-coated zinc … [Read more...]

The Important Differences Between Mint Sets & Proof Sets

You've probably heard about mint sets and proof sets but are not sure what the difference is. After all, they're both sets of coins packaged at the U.S. Mint, and they both contain shiny, mint-condition coins. While some aspects of mint sets and proof sets may seem similar, they actually are quite different from one another. Even the values of mint sets and proof sets from the same year can be different! … [Read more...]

New 2009 Territories Quarters U.S. Mint Silver Proof Set


Don't forget to order your 2009 U.S. Mint District of Columbia & U.S. Territories silver proof set! The D.C. & U.S. Territories silver proof set is a beautiful addition to any coin collection and is a wonderful way to collect all 6 of the 2009 DC & US Territories quarters. The 6 silver quarters included in the silver proof set honor: The District of Columbia Puerto Rico Guam American Samoa The U.S. Virgin Islands The Northern Mariana Islands The 2009 D.C. … [Read more...]

Cameo Proof Coins & Deep Cameo Proof Coins

Have you ever heard of a cameo proof coin? Are you wondering how a cameo proof coin is different from  an ordinary proof coin? What about the difference between cameo proof coins and deep cameo proof coins? Here's how to tell the difference between all of these types of proof coins...   … [Read more...]

Lincoln Chronicles & Coin Proof Set

2009 has been an exciting year in coin collecting, thanks in large part to the 4 different Lincoln cents honoring the bicentennial of the 16th president's birth. The 2009 Abraham Lincoln commemorative silver dollar has also made the headlines. Now, the U.S. Mint is combining these 5 different Lincoln coins in a beautiful set called the Lincoln Chronicles proof set. The new Lincoln Chronicles proof set is being released at noon Eastern time on October 15, 2009.   … [Read more...]

Tips For Collecting Proof Lincoln Memorial Cents

What has long been the most popular coin series to collect?Without question, the Lincoln cent has been a favorite among novice and experienced coin collectors alike for decades. In the past, we have looked at various ways to collect Lincoln pennies, and now we look at yet another. Here's what you need to know if you're interested in collecting proof Lincoln Memorial cents... … [Read more...]

2009 U.S. Mint Coins: Old Favorites And Stunning New Designs


The United States Mint is always turning out new and exciting numismatic products. Summer 2009 promises to offer even more wonderful coins and coins sets for coin collectors! The summer 2009 U.S. Mint coins will include several old standbys, a few new kids on the block, and some silver and gold pieces that will really brighten up your collection. … [Read more...]

2009 Proof Sets: Large And Exciting


The 2009 United States Mint proof set is about to be released. It will be offered for sale beginning at 12 PM (Eastern Standard Time) on June 1, 2009. The 2009 U.S. proof set is going to be huge in more ways than one. Here's why...   … [Read more...]