Answers To Your Questions About Strange Coins: Tokens, Big Coins, Tiny Coins, Two-Headed Coins, Blank Coins & Colored Coins


Unusual looking coins definitely raise a lot of eyebrows. They also raise a lot of questions. With regard to strange coins, these are the 3 types of questions I get the most: I've gotten a lot of questions from people asking about old tokens they've found. I also get asked about big coins, tiny coins, and other things that look like coins but aren't legal tender. Several people want to know what's up with coins that are blank on one side and two-headed coins. Are these odd … [Read more...]

Collecting Fake Coins – A New Facet Of Coin Collecting That’s Gaining Attention


It used to be that you never uttered the C word or the F word in coin collecting; of course, those words would be counterfeit and fake, as in counterfeit and fake coins. Nowadays, many coin collectors use another term for these less-than-real coins that is a little more... ahem... politically correct, and that is “replica coins.” Novelty coins, replica coins, copy coins... No matter what term you use, though (even if it is fake coins!), collecting coins that aren’t 100 percent mint made is … [Read more...]

Six Fun Facts About Sixpence Coins

sixpence coins

For many, sixpence coins are more well known as a part of cultural lore than as a once-important part of the British pre-decimal monetary system, as well as that of several other nations, including Colonial America. So, for being a being a somewhat diminutive 19 millimeters, about the size of a United States one-cent coin, sixpence coins certainly have an incredible large presence in history. During most of their production, sixpence coins were struck with a 92.5 percent silver composition, … [Read more...]

Buying Barack Obama Presidential Coins? Maybe You Should Hold Onto Your Money


Have you seen the Barack Obama coins? Presidential coins have long been popular with coin collectors, but Barack Obama coins were on fire saleswise back in 2008 and continue to be popular items today. But are Barack Obama presidential coins rare and good investments? Remember that Barack Obama coins have nothing to do with the Presidential $1 coin series and are not U.S. Mint products. In fact, a very high number of Barack Obama coins are simply regular U.S. Mint coins -- like quarters … [Read more...]

Custom Coins Are Fun Gifts And Great For Businesses


Here's a fun idea: why not buy or collect custom coins! What is a custom coin?A custom coin is one that is made with your choice of:LetteringDesignMetalSome other feature(s)Once you have decided what you want your coin to look like, you simply place the order with the special mint, pay the fee, and you will receive your custom coin(s) in the mail.Why would you want a custom coin?Custom coins are popular for companies and organizations to give to employees, customers, inductees, and others.Custom … [Read more...]

Elongated Coins – Are They Legal?

Have you ever stuck a penny in a coin-squashing machine at a theme park, fair, museum, or other tourist attraction?You know, the kind of machine where you insert a penny along with (typically) 50 cents -- then you turn a crank or push a button and out comes your penny -- which is now flattened and imprinted with a new design.These kinds of coins are called elongated coins. They are also sometimes called pressed pennies, squished pennies, and squashed pennies. Elongated coin collecting falls … [Read more...]

Elongated Pennies: Squashed Coins With Fun Designs

Have you ever heard of an elongated penny? Chances are you may have actually made one if you've ever visited a tourist hot spot or roadside attraction. An elongated penny is simply a penny that has been squashed in a machine, producing a design on the coin and making the coin oval shaped and longer than it used to be. Elongated pennies have been popular since the 1893 Columbian Exposition and, since then, have been made into hundreds of designs. Elongated coins are fun to collect and, … [Read more...]

Two Headed Coins – Are They Rare? Are They Valuable?


Have you ever seen a two-headed coin? Maybe you have, maybe you haven't, but at any rate you may be a bit upset to learn that any two-headed coins you find in circulation are not as rare and valuable as you may think. Virtually all two-headed coins you find are made for use by illusionists and are not actual U.S. Mint products. … [Read more...]

Novelty Coin Collections: What To Look For When Collecting Novelty Coins


Novelty coins are an area of interest to many people for various reasons. For starters, novelty coins mean different things to different collectors. Some find novelty coins sentimental. Others like the unique nature of the novelty coin. Many collectors like the designs found on novelty coins. Novelty coin collecting has its devoted followers, and to these collectors, some novelty coins hold significant monetary value. … [Read more...]