How To Collect Short Sets: 5 Easy Coin Collections For Collectors On A Budget

short sets

Short sets – miniature date-and-mintmark coin collections for a given series – are highly popular for coin collectors on a shoestring budget. A short set of coins is less expensive because it contains fewer coins than a typical, complete date-and-mintmark run of coins for a series and usually avoids the expensive key-date coins. These budget coin collecting sets also provide you with a springboard to finish the rest of that series should your finances later permit. What follows below … [Read more...]

Historic Values of Indian Head Pennies

indian head pennies historic values

Indian Head pennies were struck from 1859 to 1909 and were one of the longest-running coin series in the United States. Designed by James Longacre and among the most recognizable coin series in the United States, Indian Head pennies are popular among coin collectors young and old, and widely sought after. In general, coin collectors will accumulate collections of Indian Head pennies by either date and mintmark, or type. For type sets, a coin collector usually needs just one example of an … [Read more...]

Which Old Pennies Are The Most Valuable?


Do you have a bunch of old pennies in your possession and are trying to figure out which ones to keep? While chances are most of your old pennies are worth only face value, there are plenty out there that are worth looking for. In fact, some old pennies are worth hundreds of dollars! Of course, you’ll have to look pretty hard to find the old one cent coins that are worth substantially more than face value, and the good news is that we’ll tell you about some of these valuable old pennies … [Read more...]

7 Coin Sets You Can Complete For Under $10

Coin collecting on a budget probably hasn't been more important in years than it has been in recent times.With the economy still on the rocks, many people don't want to give up their hobbies but still must find a way to cut back.Thankfully, enjoying the hobby of coin collecting doesn't have to be expensive.In fact, here are 7 ideas for coin sets you can complete for under $10.  … [Read more...]

7 Must-Have Coins Your Coin Collection Can’t Be Without

Everybody's coin collecting tastes are different, but there are a few coins that every collector of United States coins must have if they want to represent the history and nostalgia that floods American coinage.Thankfully for coin collectors of every budget, the 7 coins you must have in your coin collection aren't expensive. These 7 coins are affordable symbols of another time and place in America. They also represent some of the most artistic, storied, and historic chapters in United States … [Read more...]

155 Years Of The Small Cent: Rare Pennies Worth Looking For


Where were you in 1856? OK, consider that a trick question. But can you tell me where the small penny was in 1856?  How about you answer that with 'first being minted for mass circulation!' That's right. The small cent was officially struck for the first time in 1856, and that means this iconic coin is now over 155 years old. Let's take a brief look at the small penny and some of the rare pennies that'll keep you searching your pocket change and coin dealers' cases for an example … [Read more...]

What’s A White Cent? Flying Eagle & Early Indian Head Pennies


Have you ever heard of a white cent? You'll likely come across this term if you're a penny aficionado and especially if collecting Indian Head pennies or Flying Eagle cents are among your specialties. Flying Eagle and early Indian Head pennies are often referred to as white cents because of their light color. The lighter-than-usual color for these coins is attributed to their metal composition, which is quite different than for small cents of later years.   … [Read more...]

Old Coins You Might Have… & What They’re Worth


It's really amazing how many old coins are floating around out there. At least a few times each week, I'll be asked how much an old penny is worth, values for old quarters, and prices for old silver coins. There are tons of old coins out there just waiting to be found in estates, buried in coffee cans, and hiding out in boxes and drawers. Let's check out some old coins you may have and see how much they're worth. Get out your magnifying glass... maybe you have some of these old coins … [Read more...]

Want Valuable Pennies? Here Are 10 Pennies You Should Be Looking For


After years of writing coin articles, I have discovered that there is one coin everybody seems to always be asking about -- pennies. In fact, one of the most common questions people usually have about pennies concern which ones are the most valuable. Thankfully for coin collectors, there are plenty of valuable pennies to be looking for. Let's take a look at 10 of the most valuable pennies among rare U.S. coins...  … [Read more...]