6 Ways To Buy American Silver Eagle Coins At Cheap Prices


Coin collectors and investors alike love buying American silver eagle coins, which are easily accessible and quite affordable for most people who want to invest in precious metals. In fact, silver eagles are sold by coin dealers just about everywhere and uncirculated -- or bullion -- versions are usually offered for only $3 to $4 over the current spot price of silver. But did you know there are plenty of ways to buy American silver eagles at discounted prices?   … [Read more...]

Is It Time To Buy Silver? Pros & Cons Of Buying Silver Bullion Coins

Buy Silver

It seems like everyone's saying to buy silver. Whether silver prices are up, or whether they are down. Of course, a lot of the chants you'll hear about buying silver has to do with marketing. Bullion, after all, is a 24/7 industry with billions of dollars in silver up for grabs at any given time. I keep an eye on the silver prices anyway since I'm a coin collector, and what's been happening with the silver market over the past few years is interesting to say the least. … [Read more...]

Tips For Finding Coin Hoards Like The Famous Saddle Ridge Gold Coin Hoard


Have you heard about the Saddle Ridge coin hoard? It's one of the most famous U.S. coin hoards ever, and it was discovered by a Sierra Nevada, California couple on their rural property in February 2013. The 1,427 gold coins -- all half eagles, eagles, and double eagles dated from 1847 and 1894 and buried in 8 coffee cans -- have a combined value of some $10 million. It is the largest-known hoard of gold coins that has ever been found in the U.S! There was $27,980 in face value … [Read more...]

Coin Gift Ideas: 5 Clever Coin Gifts For Any Occasion


Has the time come to shower the ones you love with gifts? If you’re a coin collector, chances are your idea of what makes a great gift might mean giving something flat, shiny, and round. Indeed, there are many coin gift ideas that are perfect for coin collectors and non-numismatists alike. I’ve been giving coin gifts for many years to loved ones who may or may not be considered avid collectors. Let’s face it – people love coins, even if the recipients are not exactly considered coin … [Read more...]

Platinum American Eagle Coins Returning?


Since 2008, the popular American Eagle bullion coin program has not seen the release of any platinum coins other than the one-ounce proof coin. But, that may change in 2012, as the United States Mint considers ushering in the return of the full line of platinum Eagle coins. Platinum American Eagle coins were first minted in 1997, and had been a favorite coin for tens of thousands of portfolio and IRA investors and coin collectors. Platinum Eagle coins are .9995 fine and were offered in … [Read more...]

The Value Of Popular U.S. Silver Coins

value of silver coins

Silver coins have long been a popular investment vessel. Because of the bullion content, the value of many silver coins fluctuates based on the metals market. Many of the most common silver coins – despite their high mintages – have gone up in value drastically over the years because of huge increases in the price of silver (though, historically, they have seen periods of price decreases, too). Silver coins are popular among many not only because they are one of the cheapest types of … [Read more...]

5 Cheap Gold Coins For Coin Collectors And Investors

cheap gold coins

Gold coins have always been a favorite among coin collectors but, in recent years, gold prices have been surging. In fact, as of this writing, gold coin prices stand at around $1,500 per ounce, and that means that it’s getting pretty expensive for most people to buy even one hold coin – let alone a whole collection of them! So where are the cheap gold coins? Are there any inexpensive gold coins available? While prices for gold coins across the board are up from over a few years ago, it’s … [Read more...]

Walking Liberty Half Dollars: Among The Most Beautiful Coins Ever Made


Walking Liberty half dollars, made from 1916 to 1947, just may very well be the most beautiful coin ever made. The Walking Liberty half dollar, decades after the last rolled out of the United States Mint, remains a classic silver coin which collectors love. In fact, the Walking Liberty design is so popular, the U.S. government revived the design in 1986 and placed it on American Silver Eagles.   … [Read more...]

Collecting & Investing In American Silver Eagles


When the United States Mint began selling American Silver Eagles in 1986, it had started a new era in American numismatics and investing. Other nations, like Canada and South Africa, had already been in the business of making bullion coinage for its citizens by the mid-1980s. However, the United States' bullion program, which originally included gold and silver (it later added platinum coins, too) started a buying frenzy not only among hard core investors but also numismatists, who … [Read more...]

Beware: Gold-Plated Coins Abound On The Market

All that glitters isn't always solid gold. That's the message that many coin collectors need to heed when shopping for gold coins. While the United States Mint and many other mints around the world -- both public and private -- strike solid gold coins (like the American Gold Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and the South African Krugerrand), there are several offers for 'gold' coins that really are only gold-plated. When shopping for gold coins, make sure you're buying 'solid' gold and not … [Read more...]