What’s The Difference Between Being A Numismatist & A Coin Collector?

The world of coins is full of collectors and students. Some people primarily collect coins. Others focus on studying them. Still others do a bit of both. So what's the difference between being a coin collector and numismatist? While the terms are often used interchangeably, there are definitive differences between being a coin collector and numismatist -- and many people are both. Let's find out more about what it means to be a coin collector and a numismatist...   … [Read more...]

5 Fun Social Network Sites For Coin Collectors

Today, everything's about social networking. No matter what your hobby, occupation, or interest, you likely belong to a social networking site or are looking for ones that cater to your wants. Like everything else, coin collecting has long been online. … [Read more...]

Celebrate The Annual Numismatic Holiday Of National Coin Week (3rd Week In April)

There's a numismatic holiday on the calendar! National Coin Week, which takes places the 3rd week in April each year, is a holiday for coin collectors and all who are interested in coins. It's times like these that we get to celebrate numismatics and all of its wonders. The American Numismatic Association (ANA) is playing a major role in sponsoring National Coin Week and is offering everybody a chance to learn more about the hobby of coin collecting.   … [Read more...]

The 10 Coin Collecting Merit Badge Requirements


Boy Scouts have been earning coin collecting merit badges for decades. The Merit Badge requirements for coin collecting ensure that any Boy Scout vying for a coin collecting merit badge completes certain objectives and goals which teach young scouts The value of money The history of coinage The many important basics of coin collecting and numismatics The coin collecting merit badge requirements are not particularly difficult to meet, but they do require careful consideration so … [Read more...]

Job Openings In The Coin Business


Looking for a job? Many people are. Have you ever thought of getting a job in the coin industry?There are plenty of jobs in the coin business. Think of these careers available in coins and numismatics overall:Coin dealersInvestment brokersResearchersCoin museum staffWriters and columnistsCoin organization staffAuction house staffMint staffWow! That's a lot of positions! And those aren't even all of them. The American Numismatic Association (ANA) has a job board on its website. The … [Read more...]

Coin Clubs – Reasons To Join A Coin Collecting Club


Where do you go if you want to mingle with others and talk about one of your favorite things: coins? Well, short of going to the bank to talk with the tellers about currency, you can always join a coin club. What if you've got a question about coins, and you don't know who else to ask? Your best bet is to go to a local coin dealer or a coin show. Can't find one of those to meet your needs? Then your next bet is to contact one of the local coin clubs in your area. Coin clubs are … [Read more...]

5 Great Coin Gifts For The Advanced Coin Collector


Are you trying to find the perfect gift for a coin collector who has everything? Or maybe you're simply not as well-versed in coin collecting to know what to get an advanced coin collector. You're in luck! Chances are, the experienced coin collector will appreciate receiving any of the following items as a gift. Many of these can be found online, too. … [Read more...]

Using Metal Detectors To Find Old Coins – Metal Detector Reviews & Tips For Metal Detecting


Whenever people rummage around in their pockets or bags for things, they inevitably drop loose change onto the ground sometimes. Usually, these coins are never missed by the people who dropped them. And soon the coins become trampled into the dirt or otherwise hidden just below the surface. Imagine for a moment, what if you were lucky enough to find some old long-lost coins that are now extremely rare? Here's how you can use a metal detector to find old coins...   … [Read more...]

Novelty Coin Collections: What To Look For When Collecting Novelty Coins


Novelty coins are an area of interest to many people for various reasons. For starters, novelty coins mean different things to different collectors. Some find novelty coins sentimental. Others like the unique nature of the novelty coin. Many collectors like the designs found on novelty coins. Novelty coin collecting has its devoted followers, and to these collectors, some novelty coins hold significant monetary value. … [Read more...]

Liberty Seated Coin Values

In the 19th century, Christian Gobrecht's popular "Liberty Seated" design was the most prominent image on a coin. It also had the greatest longevity of the United States coinage of the time. The Liberty Seated design was first seen in 1836 on a limited number of silver dollars. It entered widespread use in 1837, when the half-dime and dime were first struck with obverses bearing the Liberty Seated design. The Liberty Seated design was used on several coins including the quarter and … [Read more...]