What’s The Difference Between Being A Numismatist & A Coin Collector?

The world of coins is full of collectors and students. Some people primarily collect coins. Others focus on studying them. Still others do a bit of both. So what's the difference between being a coin collector and numismatist? While the terms are often used interchangeably, there are definitive differences between being a coin collector and numismatist -- and many people are both. Let's find out more about what it means to be a coin collector and a numismatist...   … [Read more...]

Check Out The Coin Folders & Coin Albums For The New Quarters


Check out some of the coin albums, coin books, and coin folders available for the new quarters. The America the Beautiful Quarters are being released from the United States Mint every couple months now, and coin collectors are in serious need of some up-to-date coin supplies for these new coins. Be sure you keep your eye on your pocket change and start working on filling up a new America the Beautiful Quarters folder soon! … [Read more...]

5 Tips That’ll Make Coin Collecting For Kids Cheap, Easy & Fun

elderly person transfers to bank to hands of the child

Coin collecting, for kids, is one of the best hobbies for them to get involved with. Coin collecting teaches children about social and political history, introduces them to the design and sculpting arts, and provides them a chance to get in on the hobby that can last them a lifetime. A lot of people think that coin collecting is an expensive hobby. The great thing about coin collecting, though, is it can be a pastime that you adjust based on the level of interest and available funds. … [Read more...]

5 Fun Coin Gift Ideas That Any Coin Collector Would Appreciate


Gift giving is an essential part of many holidays. Giving the right gifts to the right people can be personally rewarding but also a bit challenging. After all, some people can be a little hard to buy for. Buying a gift for the coin collector you know and love, however, doesn't have to be a challenge – not if you consider some of these gift ideas that will make any numismatist happy. I have suggested several gift ideas for new coin collectors and gift ideas for advanced coin collectors … [Read more...]

Coin Collecting 101: Facts About United States Coins And Money


Did you know?......1862 was the first year the United States Treasury printed paper currency? ...More than 10 billion Lincoln cents were made in 1998? ...nearly half of all paper currency printed by the U.S. Treasury is of the one dollar denomination?These are just a few of the many basic facts numismatists know about U.S. money. There are numerous things that collectors know about coins and paper currency....And those things which they don't know about they look up in the many coin … [Read more...]

Free Coin Inventory Methods & Coin Inventory Software


Many coin collectors think about the accumulation end of the hobby. That is, they buy, look for, or otherwise select coins to place into their coin collection. Simple, right? Well, it is. But coin collectors also need to keep track of the coins they are putting into their collection. A coin inventory (or coin log) is something that every coin collector needs to have. Keeping track of your coins is important for these reasons: Knowing which coins you already have Knowing which coins you … [Read more...]

Learning Numismatic And Coin Collecting Terminology

Numismatic? Planchet? Doubled-die?  What in the world do those coin collecting terms mean?  While seasoned collectors throw around these words every day (and know what they are talking about, too!), new coin collectors and non-collectors usually have no clue what some of these words actually mean. Thankfully, there are plenty of good coin collecting glossaries available that wil have you talking like a professional numismatist in no time. Okay, so the first word you want to learn … [Read more...]

5 Great Coin Gifts For The Advanced Coin Collector


Are you trying to find the perfect gift for a coin collector who has everything? Or maybe you're simply not as well-versed in coin collecting to know what to get an advanced coin collector. You're in luck! Chances are, the experienced coin collector will appreciate receiving any of the following items as a gift. Many of these can be found online, too. … [Read more...]

How To Find Coin Books, Coin Videos & Coin Magazines At Your Local Library


The Internet offers a wealth of information about coin collecting and other aspects of numismatics. However, sometimes you simply have to refer to a good book, video, or magazine to find out more about the topic you want to research. Going to a bookstore is great, but sometimes even the biggest bookstore doesn't have the publication you want. Or, maybe you want to find the information for free! Going to the library can be a great way to look for coin publications and videos geared toward your … [Read more...]

How I Determine Coin Prices And Values

If you've been reading my coin articles here on The Fun Times Guide, you've seen my responses to questions in the comments.You're probably curious about where I get my information about coin prices and values.In my opinion, having several sources is better than just one.Here are the sources I use to get information about coin prices and values. … [Read more...]