How Much Is My Coin Worth? Here’s How To Find Coin Values


When somebody asks me a question about coin collecting, they usually want to know about coin values. Specifically, they want to know what their coins are worth. I love answering these questions, because they give me the chance to help somebody understand more about their coins. And I even get to explain what makes their coins valuable -- or not so valuable, as is sometimes the case. I'm going to explain to you how you can find the value of a coin and all the different factors that go … [Read more...]

5 Coin Collecting Supplies Every Beginning Coin Collector Must Have

coin collecting supplies

Every coin collector, early on in his or her ventures in the hobby, eventually gets to the point where they need to start investing a little money in coin collecting supplies to enjoy the pastime to its fullest. When I was 11 years old and first started collecting coins, buying supplies was not initially on the top of my to-do list. But before long, I began setting aside a little bit of my coin collecting budget for items that would become important in my numismatic … [Read more...]

Old Coin Holders: Great As Collectibles & For Storing Coins

Coin collecting is one of the world's most popular hobbies.But did you know that within coin collecting there is another pastime that has grown somewhat of a following?Collecting old coin holders is something many have been doing for years to assemble arrays of obsolete, historic, and retro coin storage.In more recent years, many coin collectors have looked toward buying old coin holders because they're often cheaper to buy than new coin holders.Let's take a look at some of the old coin holders … [Read more...]

Old-School Wheat Cent Collecting: Using A Penny Board

Collecting wheat pennies has been a national pastime since the 1930s, when the first penny boards were published by Whitman -- the same company that sells blue coin folders and coin collecting guide books. Penny boards pre-date modern-day coin albums and are one of the most influential developments in coin collecting because they sparked interest in date-and-mintmark collecting. While coin collecting has experienced many changes since the 1930s, the revolution created by penny boards is … [Read more...]

Time For A New Hobby? Comparing Coin Collecting To 5 Other Pastimes


Searching for a new hobby and aren't sure which one to take up? Try coin collecting! There are many hobbies that, like coin collecting, involve collecting, antiques, and art. Let's take a look at how coin collecting compares to other hobbies. Coin Collecting: The Hobby Of Kings (And Queens) You've probably heard the old saying that coin collecting is the "hobby of kings." Given that ancient royalty were among the first known collectors of coins thousands of years ago, there's … [Read more...]

5 Tips For Handling An Estate Collection Of Coins


Handling an estate collection can be one of the most difficult things you'll ever have to do. However, being responsible for securing the sale or disbursal of a large coin collection doesn't have to be hard.While I'm not a lawyer and have no training in legal issues, I'm a longtime coin collector and would like to offer you some tips that you may find helpful if you're in a situation where you're having to handle issues surrounding an estate coin collection.The advice I offer assumes you have … [Read more...]

10 Coin Collecting Gifts Your Favorite Numismatist Will Love

Gift shopping can be hard for the person who has everything. So what do you buy the coin collector who's near and dear to your heart? Buying coin gifts for the numismatist in your life is easier than you might think. Take a look at these 10 gift ideas sure to please a coin collector who's special to you.   … [Read more...]

Appraising Coins: 5 Tips Before Getting Coins Appraised


Appraising coins can be a serious undertaking. After all, if you've got a lot of valuable coins, you need to have some pretty accurate info on how much they're worth. Unless you've got a small coin collection and you really know what you have, then getting your coins appraised can be a bit of work. Here are 5 tips that will go a long way in making the coin appraising process go more smoothly for you...   … [Read more...]

Find Out Who Had The Only Complete Collection Of United States Coins


Trying to complete an album of coins -- say Lincoln cents or Morgan dollars -- can be a daunting and expensive task. But how about building a complete collection of United States coins? Yes -- I said a complete collection of all United States coins! Believe it or not, it had once been done! Before I go into more of the details of this extraordinary coin collection, I need to remind you on just how amazing this feat was... All regular-issue U.S. coins going back to 1793 Rare … [Read more...]

Coin Speak: 10 Key Coin Terms You’ll Need To Know (And They’ll Help You Sound Like A Real Numismatist!)


Reading coin books, coin magazines, looking at coin websites, and joining in online coin forums, you probably feel like you're having to learn a whole new language just to find out more about coins. If you're feeling alone, don't. When I first started collecting coins almost 20 years ago, I felt the same way. Believe it or not, you'll learn these coin terms in no time and soon know plenty about this second language!   … [Read more...]