5 Budgeting Tips For Coin Collecting


Everybody's having to watch their wallets and purses lately. While tough economic times are pushing people to cut back on entertainment and luxuries, you don't have to give up coin collecting to make ends meet. Try some of these budgeting tips: Go back to using pocket change for collecting coins... all they cost is face value Stretch coin collecting goals (like completing sets or albums) over a longer period of time Save a small percentage of your discretionary income for coin … [Read more...]

Colorized Coins Make Interesting Additions To Novelty Coin Collections

If you've ever seen the ads on TV or in magazines for colorized coins, you may be curious in finding out more about what colorized coins are and what they're worth.While colorized coins that have been painted after leaving the mint really aren't worth anything in the numismatic sense, they are artistic.Colorized coins are a type of novelty coin and should be viewed less as investments and, instead, as a way of enjoying a different type of coin art.  … [Read more...]

Beware: Gold-Plated Coins Abound On The Market

All that glitters isn't always solid gold. That's the message that many coin collectors need to heed when shopping for gold coins. While the United States Mint and many other mints around the world -- both public and private -- strike solid gold coins (like the American Gold Eagle, the Canadian Maple Leaf, and the South African Krugerrand), there are several offers for 'gold' coins that really are only gold-plated. When shopping for gold coins, make sure you're buying 'solid' gold and not … [Read more...]

The Future Is Now: Hologram Coins Make Unique Collectibles

Though sounding somewhat futuristic, hologram coins have been around for several years. Holograms also appear as a security feature on some paper currency. The Royal Canadian Mint made a number of holographic gold Maple Leaf bullion coins in 1999 and 2001. Several private minting companies have created novelty holographic coins from otherwise-regular United States coins. The Home Shopping Network and Amazon.com are good places to find such hologram coins. … [Read more...]

What’s The Difference Between Being A Numismatist & A Coin Collector?

The world of coins is full of collectors and students. Some people primarily collect coins. Others focus on studying them. Still others do a bit of both. So what's the difference between being a coin collector and numismatist? While the terms are often used interchangeably, there are definitive differences between being a coin collector and numismatist -- and many people are both. Let's find out more about what it means to be a coin collector and a numismatist...   … [Read more...]

Odd Ways To Find Coins

Finding a coin on the sidewalk is the usual way of picking up a 'free' coin when going about your day. But there are some odd ways coins will turn up, too! Like while riding a roller coaster... (yes, that happened to me!) Here are some of the most unique ways I have found some pretty interesting coins... I once found an Irish 1 cent Euro coin on the parking lot of a grocery store. I picked up a Presidential dollar I found sitting at my feet in the Incredible Hulk roller coaster … [Read more...]

Paper Or Plastic? Canada Will Issue Plastic Money In 2011


It seems everywhere we go today, plastic money is taking over the role of coins and paper currency. Well, in Canada, plastic money is literally replacing paper money! Beginning in 2011, the Canadian government will begin issuing plastic currency to replace its currency, which has cotton in it. So why the switch to plastic money? Here are some reasons the Canadian government says plastic money is better than the currency it uses now. So-called polymer currency lasts 4 times longer … [Read more...]

Amazing Holiday Donation: Valuable Gold Coin Found In Salvation Army Red Kettle


Here's a generous holiday donation... somebody left a gold coin in a Salvation Army red kettle!  This random act of kindness happened at an ACME food store in Akron Ohio. Gold coins are valuable. Most are worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars. The valuable coin found in the Akron Salvation Army red kettle is a 1-ounce Canadian gold coin with an estimated value of nearly $1,200! Think of all the meals and blankets the Salvation Army will be able to provide with a $1,200 … [Read more...]

Bullion Coins Offer Exciting Potential For IRA Investing


Many people know Individual Retirement Account (IRA) investing is a wise way to plan and save for the future. But what you may not know is that you're able to use certain bullion coins as part of your IRA investing portfolio.IRA investing is a complex matter -- something best handled by a skilled financial advisor. So use the bullion coin info here as a quick guide to some of the bullion coin options that are available to the general public. This isn't really legal or financial advice, but it … [Read more...]

Why U.S. Dollar Coins Are Not Circulating

How many of those portraits of George Washington do you have sitting in your billfold? If you are like most Americans, you probably have plenty of one dollar bills in your wallet or purse. You likely have not put much thought into using any other form of money but the trusty dollar bill to pay for those low-expense purchases. But what about using dollar coins? The U.S. Mint has been trying for decades now to get Americans to grow fond of using the dollar coin for everyday purchases. After all, … [Read more...]