Using Metal Detectors To Find Old Coins – Metal Detector Reviews & Tips For Metal Detecting


Whenever people rummage around in their pockets or bags for things, they inevitably drop loose change onto the ground sometimes. Usually, these coins are never missed by the people who dropped them. And soon the coins become trampled into the dirt or otherwise hidden just below the surface. Imagine for a moment, what if you were lucky enough to find some old long-lost coins that are now extremely rare? Here's how you can use a metal detector to find old coins...   … [Read more...]

Penny Words & Penny Phrases – Popular Quotes And Sayings That Mention The Word Penny


Have you ever noticed how coins have found their way into different sayings and phrases? Take, for example, the simple penny... the bottom of the barrel when it comes to coins. Because of its proud position as the first step in our monetary system, you can find it referred to in many different ways. Some of the oldest sayings use the word “penny” as a way of identifying a minimal amount, low-cost  or limited value. Here are some of the more popular sayings related to pennies, and … [Read more...]

Susan B. Anthony Dollar Coins: Good Collectibles That Can Only Get Better


The Susan B. Anthony dollar coin has all the hallmarks of becoming a highly sought after collectible. It is often referred to as the Carter Quarter (the Carter administration promoted it with a vengeance, calling it "the dollar of the future"), as well as the Anthony Dollar, Susie B, SooBee and SBA. Calling it the Carter quarter made reference to the deterioration of the value of the dollar, plus it emphasized the fact that it was being confused with the quarter and that it was conceived on … [Read more...]