James K. Polk Dollar Coin Facts & Values

james-k-polk-dollar-coins-us-mint.jpg The newest Presidential dollar coin will be hitting the streets next week.

The 2009 James K. Polk dollar coin becomes the 3rd Presidential $1 Coin to be released in 2009 and the 11th of the entire Presidential $1 Coin series which began in 2007.

The James K. Polk dollar honors our nation’s 11th president, who led our country from 1845 through 1849.

The dollar bearing Polk’s bust will be released August 20, 2009.

Did You Know?

The James K. Polk coin will be the 3rd Presidential $1 coin to feature "In God We Trust" on the obverse (heads side).

"In God We Trust" was moved to the obverse (tails side) of the coin after being placed within the edge lettering of 2007 and 2008 Presidential $1 coins.


Where To Find James K. Polk Dollar Coins

Most banks and even some stores will have reserves of the James K. Polk dollar coin on hand. Another place to find dollar coins is from some vending machines, especially those within the mass transit systems of major cities.

If you prefer uncirculated examples of James K. Polk dollars, you’re in luck! Coin dealers and the U.S. Mint will be selling the James K. Polk dollar in mint condition.

The United States Mint is already selling the James K. Polk dollars in the Presidential $1 Coin proof set, which costs $15.95. The U.S. Mint will be selling the James K. Polk dollar in mint sets and rolls later in 2009.


How Much Are James K. Polk Dollar Coins Worth?

James K. Polk dollars in proof condition are worth between $4 to $6.

Uncirculated versions will be selling for roughly $2 each. Prices will vary, depending on whether you buy the coin from a private coin dealer or the U.S. Mint. Buying James K Polk dollar coins by the roll or bag will cost less than if bought in smaller quantities or as part of a proof or mint set.

Should any mistakes result during minting (which should last through the early autumn), interest could cause values of error James K. Polk dollars to rise quickly.

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My love for coins and numismatics began when I was 11 years old. I primarily collect and study U.S. coins produced during the 20th century. I've also been studying meteorology and watching weather patterns for years. I enjoy sharing little-known facts and fun stuff about coins, weather, travel, health, and living green with others.

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  • Tim

    I have a old James Polk coin,that appears to be made of copper or possibly bronze. On the front side of the coin, it has a bust of James Polk. On the left side of the neck it has the date of 1845. On the right side of the neck,it has the date of 1849. Under the bust, it has ” Eleventh President of the United States”.On the back side of the coin, it has ,”James Knox Polk, born Nov. 2, 1795,first “dark horse” pres.,extended the U.S. borders to the 49th parallel,the Rio Grande, and the Pacific ocean.Died June 15,1849″. The coin has NO monitary value displayed on it. The coin does have some tarnish on it, and very little wear. I have been several websites, in an attempt to get some idea of its value. Hopfully you can assist me in this matter? I do understand, that any value, you may give me is just an estimate. I would sincerely appreciate any assistance you can give. Sincerely, Tim

    • Anonymous

      Hi, Tim –

      I did some research online. Because there are so many types of presidential medals and tokens, I really had a hard time finding any minting information about your token because I simply couldn’t find any images or descriptive details for the specific pieces being described.

      However, you’ll be glad to know I DID find your token on eBay. While this is just one resource, it is currently priced at $9.99 as a “Buy it Now” lot with free shipping. If this is a good representation of its value, when you subtract shipping costs, it’s selling for probably $7 to $8 or so. Here’s a link to the page: http://cgi.ebay.com/James-Polk-1845-1849-Presidential-Medal-Bronze_W0QQitemZ360215593792QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item53de85c340

      I hope this helps give you a better idea as to the value of your token!

      • Tim

        Hey Joshua, Thanks alot for your help. That medal on ebay is exactly like mine. Except mine is more tarnished! I had hoped,I had something that may be valuable. Dang!!! That’s just my luck!! lo-lo Anyways, I really do appreciate the help. Take it easy, Tim

        • Anonymous

          You’re quite welcome, Tim!

  • Elizabeth Tierney

    I recently found a box of old coins and have been trying to identify them. Some are US, some are foreign. One is an old James Polk coin, no date and no value, on the back is a list of his accomplishments. I saw where someone else had one and asked you about it, but couldn’t access the response. Can you tell me what this is? Thanks

    • Anonymous

      Hi, Elizabeth —

      I’ll definitely be glad to help. It sounds like you and the other reader have the James K. Polk token which you can see here: http://cgi.ebay.com/James-Polk-1845-1849-Presidential-Medal-Bronze_W0QQitemZ360215593792QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item53de85c340

      You’ll see that the piece is being offered for about $10 (with free shipping), so the piece is likely worth around $5 to $7 in the typical market.

      I otherwise have had a difficult time myself learning more about this piece in terms of what year it was made, what mint may have made it, and who designed the token. If memory serves, there was a popular series of bronze presidential tokens made sometime in the 1930s, but I’m not absolutely certain if this piece belongs to that series.

      What I can tell you with absolute certainty is that it’s NOT a legal tender coin made by the United States Mint.

      I hope this helps you!

  • Bfhill

    I am interested in a coin of James K. Polk. Can you provide any information about this coin. This coin appears to have been a commorative coin of his campaign (definitely does not feel like gold, although it has a gold finish and weighs aprox. 3. ounces. It was in possession of my aunt who died at the age of 100 about thirty five years ago. She gave it to me before she died. One side of the coin has asident Bust of Polk as President in 1845-1849. The back of the token (?) reads: First Dark Horse: Govedrnor of Tennessee; Speaker of the House:and the states annexed along with a few other statements. I have measured the coin to be just about the size of a quarter. If you can share any information, I would be appreciative.

    • Anonymous

      You seem to know as much as I. I’m told it was a presidential souvenir, and that coins were typical souvenirs from that time period. I don’t have a value for the coin, and haven’t really followed up since it was identified. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

    • Anonymous

      Hi, BF (and Savvieta);

      What you have, BF, is a copper or bronze medal. It’s worth about $5 to $10. While I don’t know the mintage (number made) of your piece, I can say I have seen it before and have seen a few over my years in passing while browsing for coins online; it must be a fairly common medal.

      Here’s a link to such a piece listed on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/James-Polk-1845-1849-Presidential-Medal-Bronze_W0QQitemZ360215593792QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item53de85c340

  • Llpb2good2btru

    LLPB i have a coin that im trying to get information on.its a james k polk coin,onthe front it has the 11th president usa.the datesonthe left side is 1845 under the 11th president words.then under usa the date 1849,at the bottom of the coin the words james k polk.on the back of the coin at the top it says “YOUNG HICKORY in the middle it saysgovenor of tennesses,speaker of the house annexed california,new mexico and north west territory.A manof ability identified with slave intrestes.at the bottom it says first dark horse.If you can help me with this please let me know.

    • Anonymous


      There was a series of bronze medals made some years ago that honors each of the presidents up to that time. While I haven’t seen this specific piece, I have seen others very similar to what you’re describing. These bronze medals tend to sell for around $5 to $10.

  • Crajis Deals

    I have 2 coins that were in a role of coins from the bank that are silver in color and not gold? Are they worth more? Are they a common occurrence?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Crajis,

      While its possible they have been silver plated and, thus, considered altered, they’re likely discolored, which is a common occurrence for golden dollars.

      If you’d like, feel free to submit a photo on the wall of The Fun Times Guide to Coins Facebook page and we’ll be happy to try to help more after looking at a photo: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=hp#!/TheFunTimesGuideToCoins

  • Gsupike

    I have a James K. Polk dollar that I noticed had an error. On the edge of the coin the 2009 date is shifted to the left where the stars are also printed and this lives a gap due to the overlapping print. Is this a common occurance with the James K. Polk coin?

  • AltheaHouston

    i have a John Q Adams one and two James K Polk 

  • Epic

    Epic I have 50 of them

  • http://facebook.com/15MinutesOfInfamy Antonio Boone

    I have one. I wish it was worth a fortune, though.